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Animated short film

Graduation project

Festivals & Exhibitions:

Go Short Film Festival -Special Mention 2023
Cairo Animation Forum - Award Winner 2022
Kaboom Animation Festival - Official Selection 2023
Niederrhein Film Festival - Official Selection 2022
Nederlands Film Festival - Official Selection 2022
MANIFEST - Mafra Animation Film Festival - Official Selection 2022
Blikvangers - HKU Filmfestival - Official Selection 2022
SYFF Toronto - Official Selection 2022
Graduation Show - HKU - 29/06/2022 * 03/07/2022
Dutch Design Week - 22/10/2022 * 30/10/2022

A man flees and heads for a safer, better existence. In this animation, he takes along the light that used to warm his home on his journey full of hardships.

Imagine you have to leave your home in a hurry and are forced to take a decision about your next destination. What do you take with you? What do you leave behind? How near is despair? This is the story of millions of refugees all over the world, to whom their ‘home’ has turned into a dark place. In this short animation with a subdued palette, a refugee has to leave everything behind. Meanwhile, he tries to keep the symbolic light of his home burning, on his way to a new destination.

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